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Community CPR Tracker

In support of the American Heart Association's mission to build healthier lives, free from cardiovascular diseases and stroke, we have set some important goals to reach by 2020. First, we will train 20 million people annually in the life saving skills of CPR. Second, we will double the out-of-hospital bystander CPR rate from 31% to 62%. We can achieve these goals, but only with the help of our Training Centers, Instructors, AHA staff and community volunteers.

Reporting is Essential: This self-service online database is designed to capture how many laypeople we have educated about CPR in the community. This tool will allow us to collect standardized data on the numbers of people who have been educated about CPR.

The Community CPR Tracker is free and easy to use. It has been designed specifically for the public, volunteers, Instructor Network and AHA staff to log their community CPR education numbers. After you enter your event information, it will be sent to the AHA for approval. Once approved, the event will then be added to the map. No event is too small! So, log on now to showcase your teaching efforts to increase CPR knowledge in your community!