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It is the responsibility of the AHA Training Center (where you received your CPR training) to issue a duplicate card if a card is lost, destroyed or otherwise becomes unusable. All requests for duplicate or replacement cards must be submitted directly to the Training Center that issued the original card. Please note that a Training Center may charge a fee for reissuing a card.

What kind of card are you looking for?


You received your card via email from your Training Center and already claimed it.

Before reaching out to your Training Center to request a new card, first try to run a few searches in your email inbox to make sure you didn’t overlook the email with the link to access your eCard.

If you know you have already claimed your card from your Training Center,
View your Claimed eCard.

Additional Information about How to Claim your eCard

Print Card

Your Training Center printed a physical card, or told you to expect your card by mail.

Contact your Training Center for a replacement Print Card.

Can't remember your Training Center's information? Refer to the following tips for Print Card.

If you received a Print Card issued by the Military Training Network (MTN) and need to replace it,refer to the MTN’s site.

You are not sure if you received a Print Card or an eCard

You don't know if your Training Center provided you with a physical card, or said they would send via mail.

First, reach out to your Training Center to confirm which card you received.

Can't remember your Training Center's information?  Refer to the following tips.

Can’t Find your CPR Training Center’s Information?

Here are some tips to help:
  • Ask a coworker or friend who took the class with you. The Training Center’s information can be found on the back of his or her card.
  • If your school or employer made the arrangements for the class, he or she should have the Training Center’s contact information.
  • Do you have a student manual/workbook from the class? It may have a label on it that includes the Training Center’s name.
  • Visit our Find a Course tool to search for the name of Training Centers in the same area where you took the class. 
  • If you are unable to get a response from your Training Center, please email, and include the Training Center’s name, the Instructor’s first and last name, the city and state, and any other details about your class.
Search for your TC Contact Info

International Cards

For information on replacing international cards, please contact